Cleft Lip and Palate Association of Malaysia (CLAPAM)


Cleft Lip and Palate Association of Malaysia (CLAPAM) is the only  nationwide organisation in Malaysia supporting matters related to cleft. CLAPAM was established in 1992 and registered with the Registrar of Societies (R.O.S) in 1993.  


We are a non-profit, non-government organisation managed by a group of elected volunteers.  Members comprise of parents with children born with a cleft condition, adults born with cleft and healthcare professionals who manage such individuals.  CLAPAM provides various support services, the key ones are summarised below;

  • Convert anxiety of cleft parents/individuals to hope and assurance

  • Provide moral support and advice on the management of cleft cases (including feeding)

  • Share key information to allow parents/cleft individuals  to make knowledge based decisions

  • Act as an informal link between parents and the medical professionals

  • Encourage activities and research related to cleft

  • Create overall awareness through talks and forum, dissemination of leaflets, brochures


The above is achieved through key activities which promotes understanding,  creates awareness and helps provide relief to impacted individuals

  • Visits to hospitals, clinics, and home (on need basis) to provide counselling and information on  cleft

  • Guidance on the correct feeding techniques for a cleft baby as proper feeding is essential to a baby’s growth and development.

  • Providing special feeding aids (bottles, teats , feeding spoon) 

  • Being a member of Combined Cleft Clinics within Klang Valley (currently 5 CCCs are available, 2018 info)

  • Advocating Cleft Management Protocol

  • Participating in Public Forums and Awareness Programs (including CME/CNE for hospitals)

  • Developing and distributing leaflets and brochures on cleft

  • Sponsoring cleft related medical/dental interventions for eligible families (for as long funds are available)


CLAPAM is managed by volunteers who are elected into position bi-annually through the Annual General Meeting.  It is a self-supporting body, relying on donations mainly from members, private corporations and members of the public. Funds received are channeled into the running of our office and to assist families with cleft children or adults born with cleft.  Our financial accounts are audited annually with relevant documents submitted to the Registrar of Society and LHDN. 


CLAPAM collaborates with Hospitals, Kementrian Kesihatan Malaysia , Corporate Bodies and individuals  to achieve a common goal . . .  that is, for Malaysians born with cleft to be accorded appropriate opportunity to live a normal life and a contributor to the nation.